Thursday, 20 January 2005

Ghetto Projector

So we've been living in our flat for quite a while now... there are the three of us -- Vlad, Xiaoxiao and myself. We're right next door to Old Trafford, there are plenty of takeaways nearby and the bus stop is right outside our door. What more could a self-sufficient group of students want!?

World peace? Racial equality? Democracy and freedom of speech all over the world? Well, yes...

A two and a half metre TV screen? Hell, yes!

But we're students, how could we afford such a luxury? Well, we don't. We do it the ghetto way and you can too! Just follow these four easy steps to create your own super-widescreen television:

1. Buy overhead projector from eBay.

2. Find underused TFT monitor and take it apart.

3. Place TFT panel on top of projector.

4. Profit!

Anyway, we haven't made a profit yet, but we're certainly enjoying keeping the neighbours awake with the loud audio to match the large screen. Make sure you check out the gallery that accompanies this entry!

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