Monday, 14 March 2005

Ubuntu -- Humanity to Others

Wow! My quest for the best desktop Linux distribution has ended at Ubuntu.

Since I've already ``reviewed'' Ubuntu I'll just let everybody know how good it is. I had a small amount of trouble getting my Radeon 9200 card to drive both of my displays. In the end it was me jumping the gun a little and it now works without issue.

I'm currently installing it on Xiaoxiao's laptop (she is using Firefox and already -- the only things she might miss is MSN Messenger) so we'll soon see how a ``regular'' user finds it.

It's also good to know that Ubuntu has one of the best Wikis going -- I was surprised to find excellent information on getting JapaneseInput working (that I will adapt for Chinese input on Xiaoxiao's laptop), as well as installing/using the ATi binary driver. Most importantly, however, are a number of diskless installs (think installing without any floppies or CDs -- just a network connection), which is essential for my X505 laptop.

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