Monday, 11 April 2005

Best Sex... Ever!?

So as I'm walking towards Stretford Mall to drop some DVDs into the post and pick some things up for dinner a young woman approaches me and says: ``Excuse me?''

Nine times out of ten this is a bad sign. It usually means somebody wants to ``borrow'' some money from you. But this lady looked quite smart and presentable -- not really the sort of person that would go around scrounging for money.

And she wasn't. Instead, she had a question for me: ``Excuse me... when was the best sex you ever had?''

Riiight. Not the sort of question I was expecting but I had a go at answering anyway: ``Umm, not too sure really...''

By this time she's pretty much walked away already but since I'm quite amused by the whole thing I decide to ask: ``Why?''

No response. Still, it kept a big smile on my face all the way to the mall and back!

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