Saturday, 11 June 2005

Top tunes

I've been tagged by Paul. It's all quite exciting really -- I've never been tagged before. Basically, I have to list my top six songs (not an easy task) and then nominate one person for each song to do the same (a harder task).

Anybody that knows me must know pretty well how into my music I am... but equally that I probably couldn't narrow my favourite songs down past 50, let alone to a top six. I'll have a go, but if anybody ever asks me again I can guarantee the entries and order will have completely changed!

Well, as you can see, I've wimped out after finding myself absolutely unable to put these into any sort of order. So, here you have six of my top tunes. Now, the harder part -- I'd like to find out what Crums, DWL, Louise (?), inomine and Xiaoxiao can come up with. Since I don't think any have blogs, just leaving them as comments is probably easiest.

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