Tuesday, 21 June 2005

啸啸 (Xiaoxiao)

By the looks of it the bug I got last night was in fact the mosquito that got me earlier on in the day. So I've not got any more bites but I have a jawline like Desperate Dan... but only at one side. My arms are both swollen and my right leg is lumpy in some really odd places.

But it doesn't really matter. We picked up Xiaoxiao at the airport this morning. The plane was amazingly on time, but we didn't see her until about 10:30... easily enough time for me to witness the bizarre "change of guard" involving a mutual salute, silly circle walking, two more salutes and then a very out-of-place casual swap of the walkie-talkie. The three beautiful girls working for the Shanghai MagLev train were right at the front of the queue and randomly said "Welcome to MagLev train!" and the equivalent in Chinese. I have no idea what the theory was behind who received the greeting but some of the non-Chinese looked pretty amused by it all, while the Chinese seemed to ignore it entirely.

On the topic of the MagLev train I can quite definitely say there are just two criteria (two critereon?) for being employed as staff -- gender (female only) and beauty (very). They do a very good job picking the cute uniform too... not quite as nice as the weird sailor outfit Japanese girls wear to school but very close and mature looking (as opposed to the Japanese girls, who dress to be 12).

Xiaoxiao's flight was pretty good -- she got plenty of sleep thanks to the travel sickness pills and has been given a really shiny new mobile 'phone by her Dad. One of those super-crazy thin Motorola ones but in black, which I've not seen before in England. I personally think it would be much better in my pocket as it matches my laptop very nicely.

Just hanging out at the Vivi office in Shanghai for a while as Xiaoxiao's Dad has some prospective business associates to talk to. From what I understand we are going out for a meal later and doing some travelling around Shanghai in the evening. Tomorrow morning we will be going camera shopping (or even camera buying!). Roll on tomorrow!

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