Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Shanghai Bund

Today's plans changed at the very last minute due to unexpected rain overnight. Our original plan had been to visit Suzhou in Shanghai but we instead visited the main Shanghai promenade -- The Bund. The Bund was built largely by the British and French and is home to some of the most famous buildings in Shanghai.

I visited The Bund last year and got a few snapshots of the famous spaceship-like building. I managed to take a few photos today, but it was hard due to the on-and-off rain. Furthermore, the sky was overcast so I doubt there will be any truly stunning photos this time! Xiaoxiao's elder brother arrived around 3pm from Zhejiang (approximately six hours by sleeper bus) and after collecting him we headed back to Xiaoxiao's aunty's flat to sit about and play cards before eventually going out for dinner.

I had particularly wanted some night photos of The Bund but didn't bother to go back around sunset due to the poor weather. Tomorrow I fly to Beijing to meet YuLu, the English teacher I have arranged to work for for two weeks. From what I understand I don't start teaching until Monday, but the extra time will give me a chance to meet up with GoGo and maybe the girl I met on my flight from London. It might also be a good idea to try and catch the sunrise flag raising ceremony before I start teaching, if only so I don't fall alseep while talking to the kids!

Talking of London... I was sat watching some Chinese show as the Olympic announcement was made -- good work, London! To be honest, I couldn't really care less but it just wouldn't do to play second-best to France now, would it? Actually, this brings me to another subject -- Japan-China relations. I'm not going to get too far into this but I was disgusted to see a Chinese guy wandering around sporting a "FUCK JAPAN" t-shirt earlier on today. China is home to some very clever people (especially businessmen) but it is equally home to some of the most ignorant people in the world.

I'm getting bored of the English-language TV channel now -- they repeat the same programme up to five times per day. I guess the idea is that it will be available to people all over the world this way, but to all those in China it is a pain in the arse. It would help if they went into a bit more detail too -- just as you're getting interested in a particular programme (for example the Black Clothing Juan clan) they whip up the ending credits! What a waste!

Right, time for me to head to bed again. I'm not up for anything specific in the morning (other than getting my clothes back from the laundrette) but I hope to spend quite a bit of time around Sanlitun Lu in Beijing tomorrow evening.

Hope everybody is well :)

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