Monday, 15 August 2005


My rather short time in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya was rather short, but very full. I think it might have been nice to spend two days here but I managed to fit a lot in in a short time.

After collecting my washing and eating breakfast at Burger King I attempted to walk from the Mo Chit sky train station to the bus station but got lost. Eventually I found a taxi and from there it was all very straightforward. I arrived in Ayutthaya at around 1:10pm and was offered a tour at 200B/hour by a tuk-tuk driver. First of all I bought a ticket to Chiang Mai (a lower bunk at 11pm but once again I ended up on top, this time due to there being a woman with a little kid... I wouldn't mind but I'm sure they do it on purpose and the difference between upper and lower is about 20B (not much at all)) and dropped off my big bag. I then spent the next five and a half hours touring the major temples/ruins in Ayutthaya. Some of them are truly spectacular and a damn site more interesting than anything in Bangkok! This is what I call Real Thailand!

Unfortunately I ran out of space on my two CF cards rather quickly and so copied them onto my laptop to free up space. In the process I managed to nuke the FAT table on one card (just like I did in Japan) so I made an image and will attempt to recover it later. It's not as straightforward as last time as I now have NEF files and JPEG files. Anyway, I'm hoping.

The driver dropped me off at a McDonald's but there was a Pizza Company nearby so I went there instead. After that I walked to the train station but spent about an hour or so outside with a Thai family, which was fairly bizarre. All of the guys keep pointing to various girls (probably their own family, as well as those walking by on the street) and asking if they are beautiful... then asking if I want bum-bum. Err, okay.

But now I'm on the train again and I'll be in Chiang Mai in about two hours, which will give me enough time to brush my teeth and freshen up a bit. I'm not sure where I'm staying yet but I've got an idea from The Book.

With any luck I'll have as much fun today as I did yesterday ;)

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