Monday, 1 August 2005

Tiananmen blogging

Right now I'm sat on Tiananmen Square copying some photos from a CF card to the hard disk on my laptop. I've not had my laptop out in the Square before and I don't recall ever seeing anybody with one.

There's alreadya little crowd but that's sort of to be expected... I mean, if you generate a crowd just by being there, think about the crowd with a laptop.

Just watched the flat lowering ceremony with a girl (Ava) from Hangzhou and gave her a lift up just as they started lowing the flag as she couldn't see to take a photo. I think she is pretty much the first girl I've seen that seemed serious about taking photos -- a nice thing to see on what may well be (again) my last day on the Square.

The crowd has grown. Getting a little weird now... who knows who does and doesn't speak/read English? ;)

I should stop writing now as there...

Well, that's about as far as I got before one of the army men kicking about on the Square came over and told me I wasn't allowed to use a laptop there. A bit bizarre as there is no limit on cameras, books, PDAs and all sorts of other things. Still, it was a good job that my photos had just that second finished copying ;)

I'm in the Internet cafe now and I'm just catching up on what's been going on in the world and I'll have a look at finding a decent flight to Bangkok. So far the quotes I've had from Chinese travel agents have been around 2400RMB, which works out at almost GBP200 for a single-way flight! Not cheap when compared to the GBP350 I spent getting a return flight from LHR to PuDong airport in Shanghai!

If I can't find anything better then I'll have to take it, but it really pushes the price of everything up. One good thing is that everything is a lot cheaper in Thailand than in China. We've also been hit by the revaluation of the Chinese Yuan against the US Dollar. Last year I was getting around 15.5RMB to the Pound while now I'm on a fairly poor 13.11RMB! Ah, well, can't be helped I suppose.

That's it for now... with any luck I might be blogging from Bangkok tomorrow!

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