Friday, 7 October 2005

A blast from the past

I set up a Google sitemap plugin for my website when I upgraded yesterday and in a vain attempt to see if it worked I searched Google for "lewiz" and came across my webspace. I still log in to from time to time, usually to test email settings and things like that. However, I really wasn't aware that I had any stuff in my public_html directory.

Among the contents is a very old version of the hymersyearbook website, a copy of the first few pages of what was going to be the yearbook a whole pile of junk and, the star of it all, a complete archive of my website from quite some time ago.

This is better than theWaybackMachine... check out an old version of my website!

I'll probably even go as far as importing the old journal entries into this blog... why? Because I can.

*Update*: I've now mirrored the whole site on my CompSoc account. You can also visit it at

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