Thursday, 15 December 2005

GNOME 2.13.3

As part of the Ubuntu Dapper Drake Development Release I'm now running the GNOME 2.13.3 unstable release on my desktop (and soon my laptop). Unstable isn't quite the word for it; development would be better.

Dapper is, most of the time, quite a bit speedier than the last Ubuntu release. There have been quite a few major changes (a new Linux kernel, X11R7, GNOME, etc.) so far and Dapper is really starting to look good.

But this post was mainly to mention that thanks to GNOME 2.13.3 I now have sane desktop icons! Yes! Long gone (well...) are the days where plugging a USB disk in caused an icon to appear over the top of another icon. There was much rejoicing!

The taskbar entries also seem to be a bit more sane, too. Previously they had a nasty habit of cramming together at one end, wasting lots of space. I'm not certain yet, but this release seems to have gone a long way towards fixing it.

Thank you GNOME and Ubuntu guys!

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