Thursday, 8 December 2005


The last couple of days have been predominantly photoSoc days. Yesterday was the weekly meeting, but for a change we had a "walkabout" around Castlefield, instead of the usual lecture. This worked out pretty well, on the whole, maybe ten or 15 people came along with cameras and we had a good laugh to boot. All but about three of my shots are of people taking photos (of other people? some of them ;), rather than Castlefield itself. No spectacular shots as a result, although I did have a bit of fun in a burnt-out car.

Then today we headed to Kro^2 (which is about three minutes from my hut) to put up the entries for the "I (heart) Manchester" competition. Unfortunately my two entires and Rog's were delayed a bit, so there are still at least eight to put up tomorrow. Pretty amusing, especially considering we had to judge everything by eye and some reckless manager decided to provide us with a hammer and left us to it.

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