Sunday, 1 January 2006

Public bins

Why is it that some public rubbish receptacles feel the need to have hinged doors? Why? Does it help that the hinges are all rusty and it requires another hand to hold the door open while the rubbish is deposited?

They're a damn pain in the arse. Whoever invented them should be stripped of his/her qualifications and sent back to Primary School "science" lessons. I'm sure they covered "germs" and there, and how touch is one way of passing them about.

It's not like your average kitchen bin, either. No. They get cleaned from time-to-time. But public bins are dirty, disgusting, smelly places. Those "green" street cleaning vehicles are crap too, they pick up a few bits of litter while pissing all over the pavement... only to screw up and dump all the rubbish in one place a few metres down the road.

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