Saturday, 18 February 2006

Untidy room

So the ball went well. The studio stuff was not only good fun, it was good practice and the results are so far looking impressive... although due to a lot of sensor crap on my camera (which was the only body we used for the studio stuff) cleaning the images up will take a little longer. At some point I really need to get it cleaned... thing is, I don't want to be without it, I'm using it far too much now. I have no idea how Rob is managing with an estimated service delay of three weeks on his muddy D70! There's a little too much shadow too, this wasn't a problem with the earlier setup today but again, no problem, just more work for me :(

But what I really wanted to say was... my room... the mess... oh dear! Anybody interested in buying a full set of studio gear? Flashes, softboxes, screen, tripods? I can do you a good price ;)

Damn, I need to figure out how to get from my computer to my bed...

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