Saturday, 11 March 2006

Crop crop

Recently I've noticed that there are a few different crops I like. The classic 35mm 3:2 is good sometimes, but frequently I find that I crop to "extremes" -- 4:3 or 16:9. Maybe I should scrap my Nikon and go out and buy a medium format camera for that built-in 4:3 goodness? ;)

Anyway, here's a photo I took today that I am *really* happy with. For lack of a real name, I've called it "Jumping off". I don't know if you remember the Korean guy's photos I showed a while ago... but some of his self-portraits were called this, and I liked it.


(this is a little too sharp... that's because I used the same settings for the full-size version on my photoblog and TrekEarth -- to see that one please visit )

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