Monday, 27 March 2006

Nikon FG

Wow. Where has this crazy looking little camera been hiding?

So everybody knows about the F-series... which are mostly crap up until about the F4, when they start to get good. They seem unnecessarily big and bulky for what they do... not a lot more than a relatively tiny OM camera.

But Vlad bought a Nikon EM with motor drive a while ago. It's a nice little camera (slightly smaller than my OM-10 even!) but lacks control. There is no DoF preview, no EV compensation, no manual modes. You press the button and hope for the best. It can only be described as an SLR point-and-shoot really ;)

But the next version is called the FG (and after that there is an FG-20). This seems to be the EM body with all of the good stuff built-in. Sort of like a Nikon OM-2n.

I'm pretty impressed... it would be perfect for me. It would mean I wouldn't have to carry around the Olympus 50mm prime (attached to the body) and I could even use the D70 kit lens (so long as I don't go too wide). Sounds great to me. Where's the catch? I could buy one right now (if I had any money) for about £50 delivered on eBay. With some luck I could shift the OM-10, 50mm prime, Miranda 70-210 f/64 zoom and the extra-special manual adapter for about £30. I guess that means an FG would cost me £20 as I already have a super-modern looking 50mm f/1.8 prime.

All I need now is some money.

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