Thursday, 16 March 2006


Spam is something that's always confused me... I just don't understand why I get it.

For example, this evening I've received a number of pieces about Yukos Oil, and some potential money-making scheme that I can get involved in. Basically a 419... who knows what country it originated from. The theory is sound, but I receive a lot of spam. The fact that in a couple of hours I received more than one piece with the same (or very similar) scam is a bit of a give away. People are stupid, but even those tempted must find it strange that this deal doesn't seem to exclusive.

And also... we have a massive anti-spam infrastructure now. All the big companies will have their Bayesian and rule-based filters in place. So why do spammers continue to format emails the way they do?

I'm convinced "Yukos" must be a spam keyword by now, so why not drop it? And why continue with the stupid "C|alis" crap? Any word like that is far more likely to be tagged than a non-l33t speak word, surely?

If I were going to try and spam people I'd do it properly. I'd write it in my regular email client, Mutt, I'd not fake the headers badly, or use HTML, or any of that other double-line crap that the current guys come up with. Email I write is highly unlikely to get classified as spam because it is l33t-speak, Outlook Express hacked header, Yukos, YOURS SINCERELY SENATOR SIMPSON'S STEP-SON'S AIDE'S ACCOUNTANT, and other general stupid-spammer tactic-free!

And you'd think that they'd at least code things properly so that if they bounce or receive no response at all, they'd delete or mark addresses properly. Often there isn't even a way to reply to them!

Grr. Maybe I wouldn't mind so much if they at least spammed properly.

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