Tuesday, 16 May 2006

The building of the CD rack

On Sunday (I think) I managed to eject a CD from my computer with an open bottle of Coke stood right in front of the drive. My CDs and DVDs live on the floor right in front of the CD drive to my right... it only took about an hour to clean all of the CDs that got totally coated in sticky gunk... and that was with Xiaoxiao helping out with the drying.

This is pretty annoying stuff... but it doesn't help that it is the second Coke incident in less than a month. The first one involved a nick to an unopened bottle that managed to spew Coke all over my floors and wall at high speed. So... after cleaning up the mess I decided that it was about time I bought a decent CD rack. One capable of storing all of my CDs and maybe a few DVDs as well. The main goal being that they are up off the floor. I have no idea how my room is so dusty, but it is. All of the cases were totally coated in fluff and dust... combine this with a sugary drink and you have a tough job on your hands.

Fortunately a quick trip to argos.co.uk and I found just the thing: a beech media storage unit for just £20! This thing can store 216CDs so at £20 it has got to be a bit crap. Not to worry, it doesn't really need to last that long. I considered a larger one, but it isn't really suitable for this room.

The Argos website is great. It's fairly easy to navigate and the search function actually finds suitable items, unlike the B&Q website which returned a comprehensive selection of wine racks after I searched for CD racks. A quick registration and I was able to reserve the CD rack. It was initially suggesting that I pick it up from somewhere in Salford... so much for that! I entered my post code and picked which of the Argos stores in Manchester I wanted to collect it from. Unfortunately the Arndale Argos didn't have it in stock, but I left my mobile number and email address. At this stage I hadn't paid any money but the wheels were already in motion to move the thing I wanted to a suitable store.

I received a text message this morning (along with an email) telling me that my CD rack was now in stock. I headed down, paid £20 and got on the bus back home (which is an entirely different story).


Here you can see the semi-completed CD rack in full distort-o-vision.

The whole thing came together really quickly. A few screws and some glue is all it takes.


The completed rack in the middle of my dirty room. One great feature is the wide base... no more of that leaning the big tall CD rack against a wall... this will quite happily stand on its own!


CD rack in-situ. I can even open the bottom drawer to get access to my camera... but I've had to put my laundry basket in front... no big problem. It's amazing to think that this is the first time that my wall has been totally clear! Woo! It is good!

I must admit... I'm impressed. It's far better quality than I had expected. I'll probably buy a second one when I move to Camberley to store all of the DVDs I have sat in the bottom of my cupboard. Without doubt one of the best uses I've put a £20 note to in ages!

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