Monday, 31 July 2006

Drive, drive, drive

Saturday evening I was cruising around the streets of Fleet in a little Japanese car thing (I don't think it was a Suzuki or a Hyundai... something like that though). It was the first time I've been behind the wheel of a car in well over three years. I was surprised just how odd it did feel. It didn't help that this crazy car had the indicator stick on the right hand side of the wheel... this resulted in me signalling the opposite way to my intended direction.

I was quite happy with it... considering it's been so long 90% of my gear changes were super-smooth and the whole experience was fairly good. Not perfect by a long way, but with some work I hope I can get up to scratch fairly quickly. It all depends on how many lessons I can get in, I guess.

I have another lesson tomorrow evening after work, this time with a different instructor. It ended up this way largely because I was ringing around a number of different instructors in an attempt to find somebody that I could arrange a lesson with fairly quickly. I'll see how it goes tomorrow evening and then decide which of the two I'll continue with.

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