Friday, 28 July 2006

My rooms... and furniture

Today was pay-day and that means two things: 1) I have some money; and 2) I've been working for Sun for a whole month. By implication this also means that I've been living in my current house for a whole month.

The house is a nice place, as are the housemates I'm living with. The first three weeks were spent on the sofa bed but now I'm happy to have a super-comfy traditional futon. Before the futon turned up a trip to IKEA with James and Xiao yielded a mattress sheet, two bendy chairs with footstools (one for James and one for me), along with a pile of glasses, door mats and other bits and pieces. I got a good deal on bed sheets from Argos (two double bed covers with pillowcases for £25) and just yesterday we picked up an armchair from Joel and Mick (previous Sun interns that are now heading back home), as well as a small coffee table that happens to be from the same range as our current coffee table.


I live downstairs and my room opens out onto the lounge. This is good and bad -- it's easy to hang around in my room but still be involved in the general goings on, but if everybody comes back late one night I might get woken up if I'm already asleep. Fortunately I have two rooms -- one for my computer and one for my bed -- so there are actually two doors between the lounge and me. I've had no problems so far and I'm guessing that I won't really have any.


Right now the main problem with my living area is the lack of storage... beyond my desk and a few flat-pack crates, I just don't have any. All of my clothes are in piles on my bedroom floor and I've got bags and boxes in my computer room. I've been trying for ages to sort out somewhere to put my clothes and other bedroom things and in all my searching there is one universal truth: all of the stuff in shops is more or less cheap, tacky plastic-fantastic crap. I have a sort-of idea of what I want my bedroom to be like, but I just can't find any furniture that fits the look -- it doesn't help that I couldn't really describe what I want, either.

However, today I decided to check out the bedroom furniture on eBay and I came across a pine Ottoman box. It wasn't quite ideal, but the concept was right. A little more searching and I came across a Scandinavia Ottoman Storage Unit for £49.99.


The price seems a little steep by comparison to other "more expensive wood" offerings. Only problem is: I don't quite like the design as much. They tend to be a bit more fancy, and I want something really simple. I'm tempted to just go ahead and buy this one, despite its expected shortcomings. After all: if I don't get something soon, I'll end up living out of a plastic bag for the next eleven months. I've worked out I could get two stacks of clothes in quite comfortably: one for jeans and one for t-shirts... I guess there'll be space in between for pants and socks.

So, here's the question: can you think of anything else suitable for my (small) room? In terms of size it can't be any longer than 1m and definitely no deeper than 0.5m (0.4m is more suitable).

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