Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Solars Intermediate System Administration

I'm currently sat in the classroom for the intermediate Solaris sysadmin training course that I'm doing as part of my job with PTS at Sun. There are the other four guys (Liam is now here) plus a few people from tech companies.

Yesterday must have been a bit of a warm-up because we had more tea breaks than I had last week, not to mention the fact that we started late and had the long personal introductions to get through. Today is a little bit more interesting, but I wouldn't say I've learned anything startlingly new... yet.

So far it's been basic stuff like using the format command (sort of like fdisk for Windows/Linux), symlinks and so on, but things should heat up later on today (at least in terms of Solaris-specific things or other bits and pieces I've not seen).

I had a quick flick through the other courses that Sun offer but I didn't see anything in particular that I felt it was essential I do. I think I'll end up doing one of the SAN storage courses because (a) I've been wanting to know a bit more about a shared storage filesystem, and; (b) I need to fix CompSoc's T3+. Actually, fixing the T3 would probably be pretty easy if I could be bothered to sit down and do it.

Next week is the Serengeti (E10k) course, which should definitely prove interesting. I've not messed with any of the Serengeti stuff at work yet, but some of the higher range stuff is not what I'd call cheap ;)

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