Monday, 7 August 2006

Telephone contract

A while ago I decided I was spending quite a lot of money on my mobile, which is an old Orange pay-as-you-go SIM card I bought from a friend back around the time I was doing my GCSEs. After a little searching around I found coolnewmobile where they do super-cheap contracts with all of the different telephone companies.

I've opted for a contract with Three (Video, Talk and Text 700) where I get 400 cross-network anytime minutes, 250 texts and a bunch of other assorted things. I'll be getting a Nokia 6280, which is a slide 'phone (it's from last year, which is why it's cheap, but I couldn't care less so long as it dials ;).


The contract is for £35/month but so long as I get all of the right bills in at the right time (and the company doesn't go bust! (after a little digging I found out they have very close ties with phones4u, which is a pretty big mobile company)) I get all of my money back -- i.e. I get a free 'phone and a free contract with plenty of minutes and texts.

The credit check has gone through but I've got to ring them tomorrow to confirm my address and other details. In the meantime I've bought a cheap (£7) USB Bluetooth dongle and I'm figuring out how to set up my computer to synchronise with the 'phone...

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