Tuesday, 1 August 2006

What portable music player?

I've got this great little 1GB iRiver MP3/Ogg player. It appears as a standard USB mass storage device (i.e. you can add music from Explorer -- no fancy software) and takes a single AA battery in return for almost twenty hours of glorious stereo sound.

The catch? 1GB is starting to feel a little limited. I'm not sure why. It was always enough for the last two years and I bought it at a time when much larger players were commonplace. But, times change, people come and go, and I need more flash storage.

What is there though? I need a player that has at least 2GB of storage, although four or six gigabytes would be even better. It doesn't *have* to appear as a UMS (USB Mass Storage) device, but it is an advantage. Flash over a small hard disk is good too, but not essential. What it *must* support is a standard throw-away battery instead of crappy built-in battery. An AA is good, an AAA would be even better, so long as it lasts at least ten hours. Ogg support is a high priority, but I could learn to live with MP3s.

Does such a device exist?

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