Wednesday, 21 March 2007

China, Thailand, Cambodia: The Aftermath

I'm back.  All sorts of horrible stuff happened with the return flight yesterday that meant we missed out Amsterdam connection, delaying us by at least three hours and causing us in turn to miss our train to Doncaster.  In the end my Dad and Angie drove to meet us at Manchester airport in two cars: mine so I could then make the drive down to Camberley and another for them to get back.  After all of the necessary shut-eye stops on the way down I believe the drive took me about five hours, leaving me just six hours to sleep off 36 hours of 'awakeness' before needing to be getting ready for work this morning.  I'm amazed to say that I managed it and am only now starting to feel very heavy eyed.

It was odd to be back at work, but not quite as much as I might have expected.  I guess the Christmas trip earlier this year helped settle things for me.

I've just been browsing through my collection of 1,883/11GB photos I took over the month trip and I'm quite happy with how well I've fared.  I had loads of trouble with my D70 this time... the shutter release button (which has been iffy since I dropped it within three weeks of buying it) is very much ready to give up the ghost.  I can more or less get it to focus and shoot in static scenes, but when it comes to capturing that 'decisive moment', I'm out in the cold.  Not much fun when you're trying to capture people's expressions.

After having seen just how well a Canon EOS 5D performs at high ISOs I'm ashamed to say that Nikon have a lot of catching up to do.  My D70 at ISO400-800 is practically outperformed by the 5D at 1600/3200!  Now I remember why I so very rarely increase the ISO beyond the standard 200.

No doubt it will take me some weeks to properly sort through the photos that I really like, to tweak and adjust them before finally showing them off.  I'm going to do my best to make an attempt at a series of photos for the three-day trip to Angkor Wat; I don't have thousands of photos to work with, but hopefully with some serious cropping and tweaking I should be able to pull something together.

Some of my washing is in the machine now, after which I'll have to hang it out to dry.  I'm about to go downstairs to throw some things into the oven for dinner.  Then I'll likely get a shower and head to bed as early as I dare (I don't want to find myself waking up at 5AM tomorrow morning!).

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