Saturday, 3 March 2007

In and around Phnom Penh

A couple of days ago we caught the Mekong Express bus from Siem Reap bus station to Phnom Penh. The trip was about six hours long, with a 30-minute stop for lunch half-way. As the last to arrive, we ended up right at the back of the coach near the noisy air-con unit and toilet. This actually wasn't as bad as it sounds... when the toilet door was opened the heavily talced smell was a nice breath of "fresh" air, and total control over the level of air-conditioning was also nifty.

When we arrived we travelled around a few hotels before settling on the Anise Guesthouse. Unfortunately they only had rooms for that one night, so the following two days have been spent two minutes down the road at the Goldiana Hotel. This doesn't stop us spending all of our loafing, drinking and people-watching time in the Anise patio bar. Last night we stayed all night and racked up a $50+ drinking bill.

Yesterday we tuk-tukked around the Killing Fields and a couple of museums. My Mum didn't have the necessary-length sleeves to allow us to get into the Royal Palace, but none of us were really all that concerned.

At the Anise they do some really nice calamari and chips. I've had this two days on the run now. By the sounds of the conversation right now, we'll be going for a short stroll to a different restaurant nearby.

Earlier on today we had a boat trip down the Tonle Sap River, which joined with the Mekong. As far as boat trips go, this was probably the slowest and most dull. We were all glad when it was over and then headed to the central market to pick up some first class tat.

My prize item of tat was a brand new wristwatch to complement my current Chines-brand cheapy-cheap. The new one is pretty nice, if you ask me. Here's a photo of it:
Just checked the weather for Beijing and it looks as though we'll be enjoying some 6C weather with mist. Quite a change from the 39C bright sun we experienced today in Phnom Penh.

Anyway, time to do something else now.

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  1. Hi Everyone. Still keeping abreast of what you are up to. You certainly seem to experiencing some climate changes!!