Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Am der wochenende

The past weekend was pretty hectic... I travelled up to Manchester to catch the 6PM showing of Spiderman 3 with Vlad and Kirk at the Odeon.  Now, I didn't particularly enjoy either Spiderman 1 or 2, so it didn't come as much surprise to me that Spiderman 3 managed to reach such a spectacular low.

I've read elsewhere that Spiderman 3 should really have been two films (maybe like Pirates of the Caribbean?) -- one to cover the crazy sandman and another for that sticky black blobby thing.  Maybe if they'd have done this we could have properly appreciated the whole relationship between Spiderman and the hot chick.

Or maybe not.  Whichever way you try and spin it, the film totally sucked.

After the film we headed to Pizza Express before enjoying some Soul Calibur 2 on a PS2 kicking about around Kirk's house.

I can't really remember what we did on Saturday... probably drove to my house on the M62 to catch a small airshow on the Sunday.  The airshow turned out to be smaller than expected, but equipped with an OM-4 and 135mm Zuiko, this probably wasn't a bad thing.  With any luck there might be one or two shots worth doing something with.

After the airshow we drove back to Manchester to catch "Das leben der anderen" (The Lives of Others) at AMC (the good cinema).  This was quite a change from Spiderman... there was a plausible plot, with developed characters, good dialogue and excellent overall production.  The Lives of Others is set in the period running-up to the fall of the Berlin wall.  At times it was a little slow (as is true of many great films), but overall it was really worth watching.

The plan had been to meet up with Karen for a trip to Wagamama, or a Chinese meal, or something.  In the end Vlad and I had a nosh-up at Punjab, best Indian in Manchester.  As ever, the meal did not disappoint, although I suspect the chef has changed -- the style is different, but still outstanding food at better prices.

On Sunday night I decided to head back home, only to end up returning to Manchester again on the Monday.  Monday evening was spent enjoying* some coffee in Starbucks, followed by a very roundabout trip to Samia and Ceyda's flat for a "rave".  The "rave" was awesome... it even included a disco ball and one of those ace bouncy balls.

I headed back about 10-11PM to work from home on the Tuesday before starting the drive down to Surrey.

I've no idea how many miles I covered with the three trips to/from Manchester, but I do know that my bank balance is feeling it!

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