Sunday, 20 May 2007

Tell me about it...

I've been toying with the idea of knocking up a quick film review/sharing system in PHP/MySQL.  This would be used largely by Vlad and myself to quickly mark down films that are worth watching.

After thinking about it a minute or two longer I realised there was a much quicker way of doing it... allows users to tag content with for:username, indicating that the site should be brought to the attention of another user.  Today I finally got around to subscribing to the RSS feed for content tagged with for:lewiz... this means that from now on, you can let me know about cool stuff just by tagging it.

How does this apply to the film review system?  Simple:

  • Tag the IMDb page for all films that you watch

  • Include an out of ten rating as a tag: 9/10

  • Apply any other suitable tags

  • If the film was good, or you think it is of interest to your friend, mark it for their attention: e.g. for:inomine

And what if you want to share something with a friend and nobody else?  Combine the Do not share functionality with a for:username tag.

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