Monday, 25 June 2007

I am service!!!

After rebooting to Vista to watch a 720p video, I was much amused by ASUS' attempt at programming.


Reminds me of Judge Dredd's classic "I AM... THE LAW!"


  1. You should really send this to :-D

  2. It's July 8th, and it just appeared for me on my Vista machine. I've had this Asus P5NE32 running for months now.

    I had this same program appear on another machine a couple years ago, but haven't seen it again since.

    Did you ever get the low down on what/why this is?

  3. Hi Jeff,

    aaCenter.exe is the cause. It seems that a lot of people just go ahead and remove the executable. The one time it appeared for me I killed the process and it hasn't happened again...

  4. how can i solve this problem ??

  5. I had the same problem. Download the latest ACPI driver from ASUS or simply reinstall your existing ACPI driver. Not sure why, but the problem goes away.