Friday, 8 June 2007

Pidgin encryption in GNOME 2.22

While browsing through the roadmap for the next GNOME release (2.20) I continued on and spotted that there is a plan to add an encryption plugin for Pidgin in GNOME 2.22.

This is great news for anybody that values the security and privacy of their instant messaging passwords.

One of the common arguments made by the Gaim/Pidgin developers that by its very nature, an IM password was a throw-away commodity.  This may be true, but in Sun (and countless other companies) we have a unified username and password for all services, including IM.  Suddenly the plain-text password in your home directory looks less satisfactory.

Anyway, you can read more about the roadmap at


  1. As of build 64 or so we the paswords stored in the gnome keyring on Solaris so no more plain text passwords in the home directory.

  2. Yep, but this isn't the "right way" of doing things. We need a method that will work for KDE, GNOME, OS X, Windows, etc. i.e. pluggable back-ends.