Saturday, 9 June 2007

Security around Tiananmen Square

Just recently we've had the 18th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre and since then a few interesting tidbits have popped up.  Most interesting was the report that a newspaper editor is get the sack after printing a short advert in the newspaper.

The advert read: "Paying tribute to the strong mothers of June 4th victims."   According to the BBC News article at the editor called the person who placed the ad, asking about the significance of the June 4th reference, such is the way the incident has been suppressed in the media.

Every year around the anniversary police and army presence is increased.  This is made easy by the fact that Tiananmen Square itself is like an island: there is no official road access, pedestrians must instead walk through subterranean walkways.  On June 4th policy and army men were checking the bags of people entering the square before letting them in.

Interestingly I dug out a photo of a police riot van I took earlier on this year.  This is a van that means business and I doubt that the presence of small round openings in all of the reinforced windows escaped the attention of any would-be protestors.20070305-081690101.jpg

This photo was actually something I was messing around with before I decided to write the post.  You'll see a rare guest apperance in the corner, and the funny colours are due to a cross-processing plug-in for Photoshop CS3 I was messing around with.

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