Friday, 7 December 2007


Seems to have come awfully quickly this year.  I can't say I'm looking forward to 2008 either, especially as 2007 only seems to have just gotten going.  The joys of being 'old'.

I managed to book one of my days of holiday off on the 24th, which will give me a nice long Giftmas break.  My last day is Friday 21st and I'm back at work on Thursday 27th.  Just today I was asked to do two late (1.30PM until 9PM) shifts, 27th and 28th of December.  This is good as it means I get a little more time to drive down south after Christmas (it also comes with a little more cash in my pocket).

I've barely begun to buy the necessary items for friends... I have a few covered, but I'm stumped for ideas.  When I think about what I really want, I'm pretty low on ideas... I don't really have any needs and as I've been earning more cash for the last few months I've been able to afford a few bits and pieces for myself (e.g. a fancy push-bike).

I've scraped some ideas together and updated my Wish List... the item I could really do with is a decent pair of stands for my Quad 11Ls... I'm going to start some reading now in the hopes of updating it with a specific stand that suits my needs.

What surprises me the most is that what I really want isn't something that I or anybody else can buy... I need money to do it, but that's more of a means to an end.

Ah, well, maybe when I win the lottery...

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