Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Looking back at 2010

2010, the shortest year so far and yet plenty of good stuff happened.  Frankly so much good stuff happened that I wouldn't be surprised if I've missed some off the list!

  • New job as a Linux Kernel Engineer at Acunu in London
  • Notice handed in on Camberley flat; moving to London in February 2011
  • Climbing, Climbing, Climbing!
    • El Naranjo de Bulnes in Los Picos de Europa, Spain
    • Began trad climbing in June thanks to Alexandre Buisse
    • Out almost every weekend with trips to Swanage, Portland, Harrison's Rocks, The Peak District, The Wye Valley and Cheddar Gorge
    • Training at the climbing gym; for a few months managed three visits per week plus an outdoor day
  • Mountaineering
    • Introductory course booked for mid-February 2011
    • Bought 70% of the required gear (by cost)
  • Accelerated freefall skydiving course in Dorset
  • Fairford Air Show including the Avro Vulcan and F-22
  • Yorkshire Three Peaks and the subsequent pain due to putting in no training
  • Volleyball for six months at Farnborough Volleyball Club
  • Tried inline skating
  • Social trip to Harrison's Rocks in July
  • Almost moved to China but got messed around by Sun Microsystems/Oracle (the companies)

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